Summer Comp 2023



- Eight week competition, Tuesday nights 10 October to 28 November 2023
- Juniors and Seniors on the same night - too easy thanks to our awesome facility!
- Junior Games start from 5pm
- Senior Games start from 6pm
- Umpires and first aid provided
- Costs - juniors $80, students $90 (Grade 7 and above plus tertiary) and seniors $105
- Juniors - 6-a-side modified field, U10 and U13 options
- Seniors - full fields 11 a side
- Team and individual registrations welcomed

*For those in a team, please put your team name and/or person coordinating your team in the field in the registration form.

- Pushing only (no hitting) is allowed.
- The ball may not be raised above ankle height.
- Rolling substitutes of players shall apply.
- A Goalie is optional.
- Mixed seniors, maximum five males on field at same time.
- Mixed juniors, no rule on number of boys and girls on field at same time.
- Forfeits must be notified in advance.
- Players can be borrowed from another teams.
- Juniors players can play in the Senior team but consideration should be given to their skill level.

This is a SOCIAL competition. We want to encourage participation from both players and non-hockey players and also provide fun hockey experience for all.